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Sephiroth is from the game Canon of Final Fantasy Seven.
He looks like this: Links to Deviantart
Height: 6'1"
Eyes: Green and shaped like a cat's
Hair: Silver and hits the back of his knees.

Abilities: He's taken from toward the end of his canon so he is -quite- powerful.
He can hop from place to place if he so chooses, though he prefers to do things that mess with the mind like walking through walls and making people see something that isn't actually there. He can, for instance, convince you he's a woman just by fiddling with your mind a bit.

In other words, very very good with illusions.

He can summon his sword, if he feels like it, and he's very good with most magic due to his long timeframe inside the Lifestream. That does not mean, however, that he would not prefer to stab you first. Also, kiddies, he -does- have the black materia for those who know what that means.

Personality: He's a jerk. A complete and total jerk who thinks you are beneath him. even if you somehow get to the elevated status of pet, that will not make you safe from being harmed or in some fashion abused if the mood strikes him. He loves his mother, in his way, and he'll listen to her to fairly decent lengths before ignoring her to do as he pleases.

He likes to kill people, and likes to hurt people, because he considers it -quite- fair considering the life he and his had. It's not, of course, but that doesn't mean that he'll agree with you.

Sexual preferences: He likes blonds. Everyone else I wish good luck because you're very much more likely to get stabbed than touched intimately with this one. Not to say you can't catch his attention! It just might not exactly be a good idea to do so.

You can do whatever you like to him if you can get him maneuvered into some kind of position for it though ♥ So don't be afraid to ask!
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This AU was originally started at the love hotel, thread here: The Love Hotel thread, some universe details listed on post The first thread on this post is a direct continuation of that thread.

Quick notes: Sephiroth is very politically powerful, and is the only survivor of a super soldier program. He still has some healing skills and absurd other talents, however he has more limitations than his canon self and will never develop wings.

Mello is a detective who was trying to route out his underground dealings and instead ended up firmly in Sephiroth's possession. Hereafter the man gets the full extent of Sephiroth's personal attention, for good or ill.

Threads listed in timeline order with the above link the first in the set
Enough is enough.
Laying groundwork
The standard changes
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It had taken exactly nine days to find a feline that matched the one that Mello had grown so attached to in the dream. It would have been simpler, had he been able to use any pale feline but even distressed as he was, he didn't want to trigger something in Mello that set off his tendency to -notice- things when there wasn't any need to do so. After all, the man was a detective, and any inconsistencies in something so intimate as a dream visual of a feline would immediately cause a rejection.

Thus, during his hour away today, he was collecting a fully grown pale furred feline with the right colored eyes. He returned quickly enough, pleased when the animal seemed fairly calm as well, and he finally returned to where he'd left Mello for the hour, curious to see how he'd spent the time. It was a locked room, yes, with no phones or outside contact items, but there were books, and some random puzzle toys that he had, at one point or another, had an interest in.

In all, it was a leisure room, and he'd taken to using it to lock up Mello when they'd have their time apart. This time, he carefully held the feline in one arm as he opened the door.
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He made no move to return Mello to his room when morning came. In fact, a good week later there was still no move being made to that extent, and on that morning, when Mello woke it was to the now usual configuration of Sephiroth being wound around him, pinning his hands. This time, however, the act was accompanied by the silver haired man actually being asleep still.

Not to say they hadn't been spending all their time together, but Mello hadn't had the chance to see him asleep until then, him holding out for the blond to sleep and then rising before he could.
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Mello had tried his patience on many levels since he'd acquired him. He'd bit, kicked, punched, clawed,and every other means of vicious attack he could try in the time he'd had him. None of that had really bothered him. Hurt, yes, but aside from the lone groin shot it had never made him angry.

Having his warnings ignored, however, did. He'd been very kind to the man on this day. He'd coddled him, let him roam loose on the grounds, and even let him attack and play without much int he way of retaliation. However, there was a point when enough was enough and he was still a healthy male in his prime.

He'd been trying to control himself because he didn't want to break his pet, but his pet insisted on doing something deliberately after finding out it was arousing? No.

That was an invitation.

Thus, that led to this, him bringing him into a room he hadn't intended to use for a few weeks yet, if that soon, and him flipping the man off his shoulders to press him down, belly down, on a soft, padded mattress. There were other things in the room, but they were nicely closeted away. No, first he'd make the man feel him, then he'd move on to -training- him.


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